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Intro to Watercolors I

Join us as we learn the essentials of watercolor painting! In this class, you will build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the often-elusive medium of watercolors. Students will learn, and experiment with watercolor techniques, brush work, supplies and materials.  This class will also include basic art concepts, such as color theory and color mixing. Come have fun learning about and creating with this beautiful medium.

January 2023  

Intro to Watercolors II

Join our Watercolor Painting journey as we continue to develop our skills, techniques, and knowledge of this beautiful medium.  In this class, we will have fun creating several small watercolor paintings that will help build our painting skills and techniques, as well as, broadening our knowledge of art concepts, such as color theory, value, and perspective. It is recommended that students take Watercolors I prior to this class, but not required.

March 2023  

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Color Theory & Color Mixing II

Color theory and color relationships is an integral part of art and everyday living.  Join us as we continue exploring COLOR!! Using watercolor paint as our medium, students will add to their knowledge base of color theory, color relationships and color mixing.  We will explore a wider range of colors, expand the color wheel tool, and create usable and meaningful color charts.  To bring our color theory knowledge together, we will then create small paintings that reflect specific ideas we have studied.  This class will be fun, interesting and an essential part of your artistic journey! It is recommended that students take Color Theory I prior to this class, but it is not required.

March 2023  

Sumi-e and Chinese Brush Painting II

Join us on an artistic journey through art and culture. Chinese brush painting is a beautiful and unique style of artwork. Using only three simple tools, ink, brush, and paper, students will learn to create captivating artworks using the beauty and freedom of the Sumi-e brush line.  In this class we will build our Sumi-e brush stroke vocabulary, skills, and techniques.  Students will begin transforming these brush strokes into graceful forms of nature referred to as ‘The Four Gentlemen’, which are the four plants (Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum) that represent valued virtues and themes in Chinese and Asian cultures. 

March 2023  

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For class information and registration click here.

Classes take place in the NEW Castiglia Art Center in the

Print Shop on The Roycroft Campus, East Aurora, New York

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